Prolisur Acústica offers a comprehensive acoustic service for the adaptation of commercial and leisure activities (bars, restaurants, children’s rooms, gyms, supermarkets, schools, hotels, workshops, conference rooms, dance academies, etc.).

Stages of our services

  • Acoustic study

    Acoustic study for the conception and design of the necessary solutions in each case. In this Study, which must be incorporated into the activity license project, all the fundamental acoustic aspects of the activity are analyzed and the optimal and least cost corrective measures to be implemented are proposed.

  • Execution of solutions

    Material execution of tailor-made solutions for soundproofing and/or acoustic conditioning. The adaptation of the activity is then carried out, coordinating the supervision of all the professionals involved. In this way, time and costs are saved and it is ensured that the acoustic solutions are implemented for their correct operation without generating conflicts with the rest of the installations.

  • Acoustic certification

    Acoustic certification for the final validation of the results obtained.
    At this point, through the Prolisur Acústica Testing Laboratory, the activity can be certified to guarantee compliance with acoustic standards, providing a global and reliable system, with cost optimization and avoiding problems and wasted time.


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