Acoustic fence Noistop Green

Enclosures for acoustic insulation and soundproofing of homes, terraces or gardens.

NoiStop acoustic fences from RockDelta, a business division of the Rockwool Group, are an exterior enclosure with a rock wool core, for acoustic insulation and soundproofing of homes, terraces or gardens and separation of residential areas from roads. Available in three finishes: NoiStop Essential, NoiStop Green, NoiStop Wood y NoiStop Colour.

Acoustic fences reduce noise from neighbors, as well as from traffic, trains or industries near the home.


Enjoy a quiet home and garden with a fence that absorbs external noise. Your house and garden is where you spend time relaxing. Where you, your family and friends deserve peace and quiet, free from background noise and prying eyes. The Noistop acoustic fence absorbs all the noise, allowing you to enjoy your sanctuary.

NoiStop acoustic fences
NoiStop acoustic fences

In addition to protecting your garden from prying eyes, a NoiStop acoustic fence protects you against noise and background sounds. Being able to enjoy breakfast and read the newspaper under an umbrella, enjoy a cup of coffee or gather your family or friends for a barbecue in a quieter environment, improves your quality of life in the moments when work takes you away. allows you to spend more time with those close to you.


Easy to assemble, thanks to the new concept of upper and lower fastenings. In addition, they do not require lifting mechanisms for their installation, since they are thin and light constructions of variable dimensions and easy to handle.

NoiStop panels hardly take up any space in the garden thanks to their slim construction. The height of the enclosures varies depending on the needs of the home.

installation of noistop acoustic fences


NoiStop acoustic fences are the ideal starting point for an attractive fence in a green garden. NoiStop’s galvanized steel or wooden trellis works as a trellis for vines and other beautiful climbing plants.

NoiStop acoustic fences: LIVE WITHOUT NOISE

Plants can grow on top of the acoustic fence and thus ensure a green element, even in small gardens with limited space. In this way, the acoustic fence can help create a spacious feeling, as well as a peaceful garden.

While it is true that climbing plants such as vines, trumpet flowers, hydrangeas, ivy or virgin vines cling to the steel lattice with their small tendrils, other plants such as roses or clematis require more attention because they need to be secured in some way. to network. Whatever type of plant you choose, the NoiStop trellis offers you complete flexibility. It is even possible to plant different types of climbers in the same place. This allows you to enjoy a more beautiful garden and a longer blooming season.