José Antonio García Castillo In the year 1980 and with a fortnight of experience in construction pathologies from working in a renowned architecture studio, José Antonio García Castillo founded his company to respond to the deficiencies of buildings, fundamentally in waterproofing.
After several years of successful executions, the company achieves national recognition as a leading company in its speciality, “special waterproofing” applied to residential, commercial industrial buildings and even infrastructures such as airports, canals, subways, etc…

Already in the 90s, when the term “energy efficiency in buildings” was still almost unknown, Prolisur is recognized as a company with a clear mission: to provide solutions that not only improve the habitability of buildings, but are also responsible with the environment in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Since its inception, Prolisur has had a soul and has grown based on strong values: ethics, quality, training, continuous improvement and innovation.

Once again anticipating its surroundings, Prolisur consolidates itself as a “sustainable company” by designing and incorporating company policies aimed at scrupulously ensuring the well-being of customers, suppliers, its own staff, the environment and the values it transmits to the company. society in general.

It was in the 2010s when Prolisur incorporated engineering services in construction and industry, especially in the development of acoustic solutions.

More recently, the company adds consumption as a line of business, completing the concept of improving the envelope of an architectural space in its multiple dimensions: watertightness, healthy ventilation, comfortable temperature, savings, acoustic comfort and reduction of environmental impact and limitation of external energy dependence. As a sign of Prolisur’s commitment to the concept of “circular energy”, the energy demand of our offices is covered with 100% solar energy, obtaining the “ECO20® made with solar energy” seal.

Thus, in its 40 years of existence, Prolisur has accumulated valuable experience, of which the following direct references stand out:

  • More than 1,000 actions for entities that trust us, such as Banco Popular, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, Banesto, Bankinter, Barclays, BBK , BSCH, La Caixa, Caja Castilla La Mancha, Caja Madrid, CajaSur, CAM, El Monte–Cajasol, Ibercaja, Deutsche Bank, Urquijo, ING, Correos, Adolfo Domínguez, Blanco, Caramelo, Caser, Century21, Coronel Tapioca, Cortefiel, Fremap, Geysermarkt, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Starbucks, Mapfre, Ocaso, Reale, Pelayo, Pizza Hut, Granada Bullring, SGAE, Sotogrande, etc.
  • More than 100 performances at the University of Sevilla.
  • More than 50 performances in cultural buildings such as the Prado Museum in Madrid, Popular Arts and Customs in Sevilla, etc.
  • More than 100 actions to AENA (National Airports).
  • More than 100 energy rehabilitation works with SATE.
  • More than 1,000 blown insulation works.
  • 6 performances in METRO of Sevilla and 5 in METRO of Madrid.
  • More than 300 waterproofing of roofs in residential buildings and shopping centers, more than 135 chemical barriers, more than 220 treatments in elevator pits and car lifts, more than 100 waterproofing of basements, garages, patios, storage rooms and terraces

… and in the future, Prolisur will continue to put heart into everything it does.

Quality Certificates and Approvals

  • Quality Certification. ISO 9001
  • Environment Certification. ISO 14001
  • Bidders and Classified Companies of the Public Sector. ROLECE2018S000038468
  • Homologation in Occupational Risk
  • Company ECO20®

Prolisur is a collaborating entity Andalucía es más, Program for Sustainable Energy Development in Andalusia