What you should know about Acoustic Certification

The acoustic certificate is a document that confirms that your installation -indoor or outdoor- has the necessary insulation and does not exceed the noise pollution limits of your municipality.

The Acoustic Certificate

Prolisur Acoustic carries out noise and vibration measurements and the official certification to obtain a license. In our section “Acoustic measurements and certifications” you can see all the services we offer.

Is it mandatory?

Not all buildings need a certificate. Not knowing if you need it does not exempt you from the responsibility of obtaining it and, if required, the authorities can stop your activity until an accredited company or laboratory such as Prolisur Acústica carries out the appropriate evaluations adjusted to ISO standards.

Automobile workshops, pubs and clubs, cafes and restaurants, shops, hairdressers, etc… need acoustic certification to be able to operate legally.

Your autonomous community, or the municipality in which your activity is located, can request the acoustic insulation certificate as an essential condition to start the activity of the premises or the installation. Each area has specific regulations and limits determined by the type of activity.

In Andalusia, all urban planning subject to environmental assessment must include an acoustic study.

As a general rule, the activities will establish their minimum level of insulation according to the category in which they fall, taking into account their foreseeable emission level.

What type of acoustic certificate does my premises need?

It is the Autonomous Community that regulates the type of acoustic validation according to the activity carried out and its location. The Junta de Andalucía provides you with this information, although it is recommended that a qualified company such as Prolisur Acústica carry out the pertinent studies to guarantee that everything is tied.

Can I do the measurements?

The law establishes that in order to make these measurements, the professional must be in possession of an academic degree that enables him to carry out acoustic tests and studies, in addition to having experience in the evaluation of said tests.

How will public bodies verify that my activity has the certificate?

The Ministry, by virtue of its powers of surveillance, inspection and control, carries out an exhaustive plan of inspections of activities that are likely to produce noise pollution, verifying that the tests and studies provided have been carried out by competent technicians and in accordance with the requirements established in the Regulation.

What to do if you have a noise problem?

First, find out where the sound is coming from and where it is coming from. Whenever possible, it is ideal to seek an amicable agreement with the person in charge. If it is not, you should talk to the Community of Owners.

If it is still not resolved, you must resort to your City Council and, where appropriate, to a judicial process.

How much does an acoustic measurement cost?

There is a wide variety of prices depending on the type of test, the complexity of preparing the certificate, the location, etc…

A personalized budget is essential in each case.


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