Noise levels allowed in Sevilla

After a day with the noise of cars and motorcycles, printers and telephones ringing, the garbage truck, the hustle and bustle of people, without forgetting that you woke up to an alarm sound, what you want is to get home and have a time of peace and silence.

It is not strange, it is that your body requests it. But… what do you do when there is also excessive noise in your home?

Does my street in Sevilla have excess noise?

The Sevilla City Council provides a list of the streets where the noise exceeds the limits and those quieter areas of the city. You can take a look to see your street here:

Sevilla streets with a lot of noise

Quiet streets of Sevilla or with little noise

Why is silence so important?

According to statistics, in Spain, around 9 million people suffer from noise above the threshold recommended by the WHO.

Try to make decisions or think about something when you receive a lot of different information at the same time. To be able to think more clearly, you need silence, or at least reduce sound stimuli as much as possible.

At home, television, washing machine, mobile phones, children, neighbors… everything is noise. Noise that becomes harmful to your health when exposure is constant due to the stress it generates.

How do I know if I have too much noise at home?

Most homes have thin walls, with little or no insulation.

Sometimes, we listen to the neighbors and we are surprised; One thing is the noise from your home and another is external noise (cars, bars, etc). Knowing when we are exposed to too much noise is easy, thanks to the stipulated noise pollution parameters.

With acoustic measurements

Noise at home is too high when measurements exceed the following levels:

  • By day: exceeds 35dB measured inside the house with windows closed
  • After 11:00 p.m.: exceeds 30dB measured inside the house with windows closed

No acoustic measurements

Without carrying out acoustic measurements, we can conclude that there is too much noise in our home if it is constant noise or for a long time, and also if we can easily understand the words of the neighbors or what they say on television about them.

How can I fix the noise at home?

If the problem is because of some neighbors

The first solution is to talk to the neighbors who are causing the noise, because they may not know what you are going through.

If even talking to them, the neighbors ignore them, they generate continuous and avoidable noise, even if they do not exceed the maximum permitted levels,the next step is to report. To do this, record your situation or call the police to notify. You can also contact an attorney.

A safe solution when the problem is general

On the other hand, if you are looking to solve the problem due to several factors, the ideal is to consult a company that can help you with the soundproofing and acoustic adaptation of your space. They will give you recommendations that you may not have considered and that can be vital for your health. At Prolisur, we can offer you different ways to reduce noise at the lowest cost.

Don’t assume that excess noise is part of your life. You will notice the change when you get rid of that situation and your health will improve on many levels.


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