Buildings for offices and hospitals -among others- use complex air conditioning systems that maintain the right temperature inside. This network of external machines, which work practically uninterrupted , needs good maintenance and a containment of the noise generated by them.

Whether it is air conditioning, boilers , booster pumps or other machinery, an adequate noise plan must be developed , otherwise it can become a serious problem. This annoying sound will affect neighboring and nearby buildings, altering the well-being of many people. It is common to hear complaints in neighboring communities about the noise of air conditioners.

The thermal installations must be designed and calculated, executed, maintained and used… to obtain a thermal quality of the environment, quality of the indoor air and DHW… acceptable to the users of the building without undermining the acoustic quality of the environment.

Thermal installations… must meet the requirements of the document DBHR-Protection against noise of the CTE , which affect them.

RITE (Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings)

At Prolisur we have experience in designing systems that act as acoustic barriers effectively and with a tight budget . From our acoustic engineering department , we study each case with technical and also practical criteria. In addition, the experience of more than 40 years in the construction sector allows us to apply concepts from other related areas and provide the best solutions.

Industrial noise and noise in blocks of flats

The compressors of air conditioning devices can be very annoying, as is the case with swimming pool treatment plants , generator sets and other fundamentals in the automobile industry and various sectors. Not in vain, there is a regulation on industrial noise, but it is even more frequent to hear complaints when it comes to the noise of machinery in blocks of flats.

The levels of immission in the adjoining premises (normally neighboring communities) expressed in the regulatory development of Law 37/2003 on Noise must be taken into account .

In addition, this noise pollution control is necessary to protect the buildings themselves. Vibrations produced by noisy equipment on building roofs and facades, over long periods of time, tend to cause serious problems in the building structure.

In Andalusia, no facility, whether commercial, industrial or recreational, may transmit to neighboring buildings, depending on their use, noise levels higher than those established in the table below (Decree 6/2012 of 17 January).

Decreto 6/2012 de 17 de Enero

Different Outdoor Equipment, different solutions

At Prolisur we carry out a detailed study of each circumstance. The data collected from our acoustic meters and the experience in machinery help us to develop comprehensive plans with optimal results.

The action criterion will always depend on various factors such as emission sources, installations, airborne noise or impact noise, etc.

Acoustic cabin for noisy machines

There are devices that need a complete enclosure with specific ventilation to protect the proper functioning of the equipment. For this, there are solutions that allow this flow of air in and out without losing sound insulation.

Acoustic noise barrier

This system is usually used in cases where an acoustic screen between the noise emitter and the receiver is sufficient to reduce noise pollution.

Equipment located in protected enclosures

The maximum sound power level, Lw, of noise-emitting equipment, such as an indoor air conditioning unit, located in a protected enclosure, must be less than the value of the standardized equivalent continuous sound level, A-weighted, LeqA,T, established in the following table of the document DBHR-Protection against noise of the CTE for each type of enclosure.

Código técnico edificación: valores del nivel sonoro continuo

Factors to consider

  • Location and orientation of the equipment: as far as possible from transmission points and inhabited areas.
  • Additional solutions: natural/artificial barriers, equipment shielding or absorption silencers.
  • Engine rooms with acoustic insulation and ventilation.
  • Equipment manufacturer recommendations
  • Equipment maintenance

The complexity of the solution will be determined by each case. Acoustic planning is advisable before installation.

If you need a quote to carry out acoustic insulation in noisy outdoor units, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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