Prolisur has been the benchmark company since 1980 for waterproofing in Sevilla with a full guarantee of success. We offer one of the widest ranges of waterproofing solutions, applying the most efficient system to the problem of filtration or humidity detected.

We have a team of engineers to project with full guarantee, specialized technicians to carry out the repair and the most effective waterproofing materials on the market.

Waterproofing services

Waterproofing in Seville

New construction waterproofing

Waterproofing in Sevilla of new construction: foundations, roofs and repairs to waterways using water-reactive injections and special mortars.

New construction waterproofing
ETICS Rehabilitation

Waterproofing in rehabilitation

Waterproofing in rehabilitation. We design and apply the most efficient treatments against water and humidity to the envelope of old buildings.

Waterproofing in rehabilitation
Special waterproofing

Special waterproofing

Since 1980, Prolisur has been a national benchmark in special waterproofing, highlighting repairs for historical heritage or large tunnels.

Special waterproofing
Waterproofing and humidity

Sale of waterproofing products

Online sale of coatings, mortars, additives and systems for waterproofing works and cleaning walls against humidity.

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Alma Duarte Torrejón

Very happy with the attention and the quality of the acoustic fences. I recommend them.

Grupo Rocamer

They canceled an order because they didn't have it, they returned my money and everything was correct. although the article on their website can still be ordered, which shocks me a bit...

Alexis Mesa

I am very grateful for the professional attention I have received at all times. The acoustic study of my cafeteria has been spectacular and has a modern design that has delighted our clients.

Grupo Emprendedores BNI Huelva & Aljarafe

Working with Prolisur has been very satisfying. We have achieved the acoustic improvement we needed in our spaces. Thank you for your professionalism and involvement.

Jesús González

The first time I called them was in 2018 because the pool was very poorly used and the masons who came made me botched, so I decided to call this company and it was a 100% success. The pool today is like new. 2 months ago I called them again to get an estimate for humidity in the facade that gives shade all day and they have already solved the problem. Chapo!

Marcos Alfonso

Very well explained and attended everything

Jorge Magaz

The rock wool insulation in the air chamber fulfills its function perfectly, it is noticeable from the first minute. In one day the thermally insulated floor

Fede Romero

They have helped me a lot to solve the acoustic problems with the neighbors next door, serious professionals and kind.

Ana López

We are very happy with this company and we wanted to give them our support.

Alberto Muñiz

From minute 1 they treated me professionally. I was asking questions because I wanted to thermally insulate my house without doing works, since I recently reformed it. I would repeat, I recommend this company 100%.

Ainhoa Souto

Very happy to be able to use the basement as an office. It was terrible with leaks and horrible humidity. It's like they changed our basement. It has been incredible. Very professional.


They responded promptly to my email inquiry. They called me on my mobile to talk about my problem and try to find a solution. Unfortunately, my case was not easy and although I did not guarantee that I would hire them, it was not a problem for their attention to be super professional and they took the time that was necessary to explain everything to me. I would recommend them without a doubt for professionalism and good customer service.

Guillermo Diaz Vargas


gabriel ramos garcia

Magnificent professionals. Fast, honest and with deep knowledge of the services and products they offer. TOP in waterproofing and acoustic insulation. 100% recommended from my experience with them.

Arquitecto top Presidencia

Special thanks to the technical department of Prolisur for guiding us in the correct solution of the pathologies of the building in Jerez de la Frontera. A hug!

Why choose Prolisur for waterproofing?

More than 40 years of experience

Practice and improvement for decades have positioned us as a reference company at the national level.

360º Sustainability

At Prolisur we pamper all the actors involved in our services, including the care of our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.

The Most Advanced Techniques in the Industry

Our specialists are constantly learning, testing, and revising the latest tools, products, and techniques of our trade.

Warranty and exceptional attention to detail

We take a holistic approach to your building's insulation needs to ensure longevity and durability.

A big problem, the best solution.

The problems caused by the penetration of water into buildings are not minor, and can seriously compromise their stability and functionality.

From the waterproofing of new constructions to the complete restoration of the building envelope, passing through special technical waterproofing, they are all Prolisur specialties. For more than 40 years we have been committed to maintaining the highest quality standards at a fair price.

Deterioration of building materials and water penetration are the natural result of time and climate that can affect the structural integrity of a building. The lack of waterproofing in many buildings leads to the acceleration of the deterioration process. The result can be an eroded and potentially dangerous building.

Our approach to waterproofing

Data-driven analysis.

Our approach to waterproofing, building restoration, and preserving the entire building envelope begins with a comprehensive analysis to determine the optimal way to correct these issues and preserve the property.

The technical and economic proposal.

After careful analysis of each issue, we recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective remediation plan.

Quality monitoring during and after work.

Guaranteeing the best long-term result is one of our main values, for this we implement the strictest control systems during the works and we maintain an exceptional after-sales service.

We are your waterproofing company in Sevilla

More than 40 years of experience carrying out waterproofing in residential, commercial and cultural buildings in the city of Sevilla.

Types of waterproofing: an ideal solution for each case

As we see in other fields, the problems of humidity and water leaks in facades, roofs, terraces and buried structures, can have different causative agents.

In order to correct waterproofing problems or the lack of it properly, it is essential to know what causes the humidity.

The origin of the problem: how to know where the humidity comes from?

There is a basic requirement within the Technical Building Code (CTE) to limit the sources of humidity or the presence of water inside buildings. However, these pathologies occur in numerous constructions intended for both residential and industrial use.

The origin is obviously water. We cannot control the climate, but we can correct the construction characteristics used, as well as use the best products and waterproofing systems that avoid future risks in new construction.

Many of the materials used in construction are relatively permeable and it is essential to have extensive technical knowledge on systems, materials and execution, to avoid incurring in situations such as the forced abandonment of facilities for safety and health.

There are 3 types of humidity

  • Moisture by filtration: fundamentally due to rain and, in the case of underground areas, to lateral contact with the ground.
  • Dampness due to condensation: due to poor ventilation or poorly planned insulation.
  • Moisture by capillarity: due to the rise of water from the ground through the porous walls.
Humidity and leaks: the most common pathology in buildings


Although not all companies carry it out, at Prolisur we consider that the last step is of vital importance: verify that the applied system works. We carry out different tightness tests with sensors and specific tools, checking the entire procedure, especially at sensitive points (expansion joints, structure joints, drains, etc…).

The execution by specialized professional personnel is essential. Correct thermal insulation and waterproofing with guarantees determine the energy efficiency and value of a building in the market.