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Roofs and Terraces

Waterproofing interventions with full guarantee. Depending on the characteristics of the roof and its construction type, we apply the most suitable waterproofing system for the service circumstances, we plan the execution of the work and its completion in the shortest possible time.

Reform and waterproofing of roofRoof waterproofing process
Roof without waterproofingwaterproofed roof

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The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a building, since it is an area that is exposed to environmental conditions and suffers intense wear.

In this case, prevention plays an important role: if a roof or terrace is not properly waterproofed with UV-resistant materials and a certain degree of flexibility, it can cause permanent damage to the structures and solving this problem is much more aggressive and expensive.

The system that we recommend at Prolisur to waterproof terraces and roofs is linked to the climate of the specific area, the construction materials, the type of roof and its use, as well as the available budget. After more than 40 years being leaders in Andalusia, at Prolisur we optimize the work from the outset, so that you obtain the best cost-result ratio.

Only a professional will be able to determine which waterproofing method is best in each case, not only due to the wide variety of systems, but also due to the characteristics of the roof (flat or sloped, passable by vehicles, pedestrian or maintenance/non-passable…)

Among the best products for waterproofing roofs, asphalt sheets stand out for their great efficiency and variety of finishes; plasticized PVC sheets, a sustainable and recyclable material that allows to obtain homogeneous heat-weldable joints; TPO/FPO sheets that are highly versatile and durable; and liquid membranes, especially used in difficult geometries, which also do not require welding or overlap.


Among our most demanded services by administrators, companies and communities of owners, are the repair, protection and conservation of facades and walls.

More than 30 years of experience executing this type of work allows us to have multiple references of success and good work.

Rehabilitation of facade in Malaga

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Facades must also offer protection against water in the form of breathable barriers.
Otherwise, moisture would be trapped in the masonry and carpentry, under the insulation, the preferred environment for mold, fungi and bacteria, saltpeter… This problem can lead to a space that is not suitable for use.

In the same way that occurs with the roof of a building, the optimal facade waterproofing system must be defined by a specialist. He will take into account the characteristics of the walls and the walls as the material they are made of and other determining agents.

According to these conditions, the professional will choose:

Garages and Basements

We guarantee waterproofing from the inside in underground constructions, where water, leaks and humidity are frequent problems. The high qualification and experience of our technicians, together with the most advanced waterproofing equipment and systems, allow us to solve the most serious problems with the greatest efficiency and the lowest budget.

Garage leak problemUnderground garage waterproofing and repair
Previous state of the garage with humidity in the walls and water leaksGarage wall waterproofing

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A watertight basement implies, in most cases, doubling the space of a home and is essential in blocks of flats where there is a parking lot. A basement that you do not have enabled or do not use, but is watertight, increases the value of the home and avoids potentially serious risks in the structure of the building.

In general, few basements tolerate moisture well: buried walls, plaster coatings, carpets, paint, vinyl and even laminate flooring end up corrupting and developing dampness and fungus.

Many people find that applying quick fixes, such as coating the inside of the basement wall, will suffice. However, this will not solve the actual moisture problem.

Causes of humidity in basements

  • Land leveling: land that is not level or that slopes towards the house can send water towards the foundation and end up leaking into the house.
  • Drains and gutters: the lack of these elements -or their maintenance- can block them, allowing the water to fall towards other areas not prepared to support that
  • Poor window wells: a poorly designed or poorly executed window well is a
    sensitive area for water accumulation.
  • Poor maintenance of key elements: some elements such as the pump that drains the sump need to work perfectly so that water does not accumulate and flood.
  • Structural pathologies: different construction pathologies can lead to cracks in the wall, thus allowing water to seep into the basement

Elevator Pits

The elevator shaft is one of the most common areas of leaks in a building. Our intervention is often urgent with the pit full of water, although the safety of the users, the sensitivity of the equipment and the delicate machinery require preventing these circumstances. In cases of urgency, correction or prevention, we guarantee the total and definitive solution of the problem.

Previous state of elevator pit flooded with waterElevator pit repaired and waterproofed
Elevator pit with water leaksWaterproof elevator shaft

The rehabilitation of a warehouse or industrial building entails a certain complexity: knowing the needs of the space is the basis for carrying out work that guarantees the long-term operation of the installation.

The ideal time to restore a factory is not always the one when production is temporarily stopped, since on many occasions solutions are applied from the outside.

The common problems that we find in warehouses and industrial buildings are:

  • Damaged / Leaking Covers
  • Cracked or corrupt floors
  • Poorly executed encounters and meetings
  • Water seepage

The fundamental difference between an industrial warehouse and a house at the rehabilitation level is the material from which the structure is made: industrial warehouses usually have a metal roof.

The repair and waterproofing of industrial floors can be carried out using different systems and finishes, always taking into account the activity to be carried out in the space.

Industrial ships

Swimming pool waterproofing

Pools, canals and tanks, depending on the materials used, suffer loss of tightness and impermeability over time.

After an analysis of the state, pathologies and construction characteristics, we solve the weak points and apply the ideal systems, guaranteeing optimal long-term results.

Swimming pool waterproofing in Malaga

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For the waterproofing of swimming pools, the use of epoxy-cement systems is usually
recommended , since they create a solid barrier against pressure, in addition to a resistant layer.
There are saltwater pools and classic ones. Moreover, swimming pools are exposed to two types of water, the interior, of course, but also the underground exterior. Knowing the area and evaluating its presence is vital. It must be verified that there are no areas that become detached or substances that could compromise the adherence of the coating.

Products for waterproofing swiming pools must be highly resistant to the aggression of chlorine and atmospheric agents.

Another aspect to take into account are sensitive vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as recirculation systems, water filtration and lighting; These must be properly treated so that there is no risk of damage.

After the application of a preparatory and protective base, the new improved technologies suggest the placement of 100% solid products, non-polluting resins and waterproofing products. These high-performance products allow us to easily carry out all the operations aimed at treating, restoring and preparing the base of swimming pools that must support the constant weight of water.

Many problems can be prevented if it is a new construction pool or if you are thinking of renovating it. Waterproofing is not enough. At Prolisur we have been creating comprehensive systems to rehabilitate swimming pools with total efficiency and safety for more than 40 years.

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