Waterproofing interventions with full guarantee. Depending on the characteristics of the roof and its construction type, we apply the most suitable waterproofing system for the service circumstances, we plan the execution of the work and its completion in the shortest possible time.

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The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a building, since it is an area that is exposed to environmental conditions and suffers intense wear.

In this case, prevention plays an important role: if a roof or terrace is not properly waterproofed with UV-resistant materials and a certain degree of flexibility, it can cause permanent damage to the structures and solving this problem is much more aggressive and expensive.

The system that we recommend at Prolisur to waterproof terraces and roofs is linked to the climate of the specific area, the construction materials, the type of roof and its use, as well as the available budget. After more than 40 years being leaders in Andalusia, at Prolisur we optimize the work from the outset, so that you obtain the best cost-result ratio.

Only a professional will be able to determine which waterproofing method is best in each case, not only due to the wide variety of systems, but also due to the characteristics of the roof (flat or sloped, passable by vehicles, pedestrian or maintenance/non-passable…)

Among the best products for waterproofing roofs, asphalt sheets stand out for their great efficiency and variety of finishes; plasticized PVC sheets, a sustainable and recyclable material that allows to obtain homogeneous heat-weldable joints; TPO/FPO sheets that are highly versatile and durable; and liquid membranes, especially used in difficult geometries, which also do not require welding or overlap.


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