Pools, canals and tanks, depending on the materials used, suffer loss of tightness and impermeability over time.

After an analysis of the state, pathologies and construction characteristics, we solve the weak points and apply the ideal systems, guaranteeing optimal long-term results.

Swimming pool waterproofing in Malaga

For the waterproofing of swimming pools, the use of epoxy-cement systems is usually
recommended , since they create a solid barrier against pressure, in addition to a resistant layer.
There are saltwater pools and classic ones. Moreover, swimming pools are exposed to two types of water, the interior, of course, but also the underground exterior. Knowing the area and evaluating its presence is vital. It must be verified that there are no areas that become detached or substances that could compromise the adherence of the coating.

Products for waterproofing swiming pools must be highly resistant to the aggression of chlorine and atmospheric agents.

Another aspect to take into account are sensitive vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as recirculation systems, water filtration and lighting; These must be properly treated so that there is no risk of damage.

After the application of a preparatory and protective base, the new improved technologies suggest the placement of 100% solid products, non-polluting resins and waterproofing products. These high-performance products allow us to easily carry out all the operations aimed at treating, restoring and preparing the base of swimming pools that must support the constant weight of water.

Many problems can be prevented if it is a new construction pool or if you are thinking of renovating it. Waterproofing is not enough. At Prolisur we have been creating comprehensive systems to rehabilitate swimming pools with total efficiency and safety for more than 40 years.


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