Noistop Essential - Private residential - Black powder + Wood brown DK 002

Noise reduction with a customizable fence.

NoiStop Essential acoustic fences are the optimal solution for noise barriers in residential and industrial projects, schools, hospitals, road noise, loading docks, and train noise, acting as vegetative barriers.

The acoustic core made of non-flammable and recyclable ROCKWOOL® stone wool around a metal frame makes NoiStop Essential panels ideal for a variety of applications.

The fences are vegetative, effectively serving as an acoustic barrier, and also offer high decorative value. They are also available as a wooden option.


(Lenght x Height x Width)

240 x 100 x 6 cms
240 x 90 x 6 cms
240 x 50 x 6 cms
120 x 100 x 6 cms
120 x 90 x 6 cms
120 x 50 x 6 cms
60 x 100 x 6 cms
60 x 90 x 6 cms
60 x 50 x 6 cms

NoiStop Essential installations