Thermal insulation as a source of energy savings

On October 6, the RD of European aid for energy rehabilitation was published. There will be 1,151 million euros this year (more will come), which will be managed through the Autonomous Communities, and which will be in force until 2026.

There are 6 different programs, of which 3 will fundamentally affect us: Rehabilitation of neighborhoods, rehabilitation of buildings, and rehabilitation of housing.

Grants for the rehabilitation of neighborhoods

They subsidize improvements in the consumption of non-renewable primary energy of 30% and reductions in energy demand of 25% in climate zone C, and 35% in climate zones D and E (the coldest), which can only be achieved by improving the insulation of the envelope (facades, roofs, etc.). Prolisur, with more than 40 years of history, will be part of these projects hand in hand with the large Energy Service Companies through our Energy Rehabilitation service without waste.

Aid for the rehabilitation of buildings and single-family homes

The criteria is identical, but limited to a single building or single-family dwelling (detached, semi-detached or semi-detached). It is necessary to reduce the consumption of non-renewable primary energy by at least 30%, and in climatic zones C, D and E reduce demand by 25%, 35% and 35% respectively (insulate). This is designed to isolate the façade and/or isolate the roof of the entire building (in this case, the ETICS technique acquires a special role). The percentage of aid and the maximum amount depends on the savings achieved:

Energy savings achieved with the action
Maximum percentage of the subsidy of the cost of the action

Maximum amount of aid

Maximum amount of aid
30% ≤ ΔCep,nren < 45%40%6.300€
per dwelling
€ 56 per m2
45% ≤ ΔCep,nren < 60%65%11.600€
per home
€ 104 per m2
ΔCep,nren ≥ 60%80%18.800€
per home
€ 168 per m2

To justify these savings, a project, the signature of a competent technician, a previous and subsequent Energy Efficiency Certificate, and a performance report, among other things, will be necessary. Prolisur is the ideal company, since in addition to insulation solutions, we can provide you with all the technical services necessary to qualify for these grants

Aid for housing rehabilitation

It can be a chalet or an individual apartment in a building, but it must be a habitual residence. The requirement is less: reduce the consumption of non-renewable primary energy by 30% (again solar panels or a biomass boiler) or reduce demand by 7% (insulation) or simply adapt the enclosures to the minimum values of the current CTE ( 4 to 8 cm of insulation, depending on the area). The work has to cost more than €1,000 and they subsidize 40% up to €3,000. To justify it is somewhat easier, but you also need a justifying report signed by a competent technician, and a previous and subsequent Energy Efficiency Certificate, among other things. This program is designed, for example, to cover an action of insufflation in a chamber in a flat, of insulation through the ETICS system of a chalet or semi-detached house.

In addition to this RD, another RD Law has also been published with a series of measures also aimed at encouraging rehabilitation . In summary:

  • Only the simple majority of the community of owners is necessary to undertake energy rehabilitation works (previously it was 3/5)
  • It will be easier for communities of owners to sign credits.
  • There will be deductions in personal income tax of between 20% and 60% of the amount spent depending on the improvement achieved (very necessary measure)
  • There will be specific ICO guarantees for the loans that are requested.

This is a quick summary, but we will know much more over the next few months. The next step is for the Autonomous Communities to channel this aid through their competent bodies, and for other measures to gain prominence, such as rehabilitation offices, single windows, rehabilitation agents and the book of the existing building for rehabilitation.

Link to the original texts of the Royal Decrees

Royal Decree 853/2021, of October 5,

Which regulates the aid programs in residential rehabilitation and social housing of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Royal Decree-Law 19/2021, of October 5,

Of urgent measures to promote building rehabilitation activity in the context of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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